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Welcome to the landlord tenant center, we are serviced operated and owned by attorneys. Providing representation in every fosset of landlord and tenant law real estate closing brokerage, consumer law including debt collection and debt reconciliation. We defend all HPD cases, harassment cases, real estate litigation and transactions, business law and commercial litigation, consumer law and bankruptcy, and applications for certificate of no harassment for over 25 years to tenants, businesses, homeowners, commercial landlords, real estate management companies, and residential landlords in New York City, NY and worldwide. We represents clients across the greater New York City area, including the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island as well as throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Landlord Tenant Center too has seen the judges and court personnel grow with experience throughout the years. There is a mutual respect which has been earned. If you think that is important in considering who to hire, you are correct. It is an advantage that can be used to work efficiently and aggressively to accomplish his purposes

We are staffed and owned by attorney who are also landlords , we share your experiences and we know what you need. We are here to assist you.